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#COP 28

Recommendations for COP 28 Lights out for #COP 27 in Egypt – as expected, unambitious and deeply disappointing. Let’s increase the stakes for the 2023 #COP 28 in the #United Arab Emirates: All 30,000+ delegates will be accommodated in a large climate refugee-style camp, designed for 3000; tents, refugee camp food, rationed water, electricity blackouts, … Read More

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Stop the #3DegreeCatastrophe; @UNEP’s 2022 #EmissionsGap gap report shows we are heading towards the #3degreecliff. #minusfiftypercent our #GHGemissions! #G20 and individual!


The climate emergency demands us to stop flying, to plan for #mylastflight and #yourlastflight. Until we have fossil fuel free aviation options, we have to stop flying. No way around it. Where will you go for your last flight and why? Make those emissions count. What if you can easily forgo your last flight? What … Read More

minusfiftypercent launch

Almost ready to introduce this movement to the world. Stay tuned. Let’s change our individual behaviors to mitigate the consequences of climate change and to preserve our nature environment and planet.