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go fund me fundraiser

minusfiftypercent – individual climate action

Funds raised through this campaign will be used exclusively to further the start-up, communication and spread of the minusfiftypercent.org movement:
   – Professional improvements to the website and lead article: minusfiftypercent.org
   Creation of an effective and heart-centered movement/marketing strategy, to reach as many and as deeply as possible
   – Creation of a British Columbia non-profit society, to access grant funding (provincial, federal, foundations and other granting agencies)
   – Creation of the structural and operational foundation for a global individual climate action movement

Your support means the world to me. It shows your support for the idea that we as individuals need to make changes to our actions and habits that negatively affect the climate and environment. Our time is running out – action is needed now and your financial support is needed now too.

To have the minusfiftypercent movement significantly contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and environmental protection, through individual action and to have a measurable impact on our climate crisis, fulfills my personal, life-long calling. My reward comes from every single person who adopts a minusfiftypercent mindset.

You can hold me personally accountable for investing your donations ONLY for the effective start-up and launch of the minusfiftypercent movement. I will seek no personal financial gain through this Go Fund Me fundraiser.

I am forever grateful for your trust in my ability to lead this movement to success – for our children and all future generations.

With deep gratitude!
Julius Halaschek-Wiener, PhD